A forbidden power, unleashed by humans.

It has been 500 hundred years since Pandora’s Box was unknowingly opened, releasing the madness held within. Creatures thought to only be myths descended upon man casting darkness across the realm. Out of these shadows rose four champions to fight back the darkness; Damen, Eskil, Zhen Fan, and Oni. These four champions fought back the creatures of Pandora, pushing forward humanity in search of the source of darkness. Upon finding Pandora’s Box, the four champions offered a piece of each of their souls to transform and seal away the darkness, creating Pandora’s Tome. Exhausted from battle and unable to destroy the Tome, the champion’s last hope was to split the power of Pandora and spread it throughout the world.


Today these pieces are known as Grimoires, powerful spell books that allow the users to call forth the creatures of Pandora and manipulate the terrain around them. The use of these books come at a great cost, for one must bind their soul to the grimoire to be able to yield its power. Those who have successfully bound themselves to a Grimoire are known as Animans. In today’s age, less than a third of the population have the aptitude required to bind their soul to a Grimoire.


As for the Champions, they were praised and given the title of “Soulbound” to distinguish them from the average Animan. They are the protectors of humanity and champions of the darkness. Using their new title, they taught the next generation of Animan how to command the 4 affinities of Pandora and the weakness of each, ushering peace throughout the lands. As peace flowed across the realm once again and their teaching complete, The Soulbound each returned to their homelands to live out the remainder of their lives in peace.

Centuries have passed since then, and the Soulbound are believed to be perished. Those who have bound themselves to the Grimoires have forgotten the teachings of the Soulbound, craving only power and the title of Soulbound as a symbol of status. From this greed rose the greatest evil the lands will have ever seen, Maluum.

Maluum had dedicated his life to the followings of the Soulbound, becoming the first recognized Paragon since the four champions. Through his continued research into the origin of the Soulbound, he discovered information about the true source of the Grimoire’s magic: Pandora’s Tome. Craving the untold power that Pandora’s Tome held, Maluum began the ritual to bind himself to Pandora and truly be one with the ranks of the Soulbound. His soul was given to Pandora and the process of binding began, but the magic within was stronger than Maluum had anticipated. Pandora pushed back, and Maluum was plunged into darkness as he fell to the floor.


Maluum's disciples nearby heard the crash and rushed to his side. When they reached him, he was no longer the man they knew. His eyes were black with a piercing glare, his grimoire had a dark aura, and half of his body was now disfigured into a demonic form. The last thing they saw was his grin, just before he absorbed their Grimoires into his own. Maluum now seeks to kill every Animan he can, absorbing their grimoire into his own in an attempt to reforge Pandora’s Tome and release the darkness within once again.


Feeling the presence of a familiar power from centuries ago, the Soulbound made their immortal presence known to the people of the realm once again. It is their duty to protect the people from this evil, and their responsibility to ensure that any willing Animan is prepared for war. The people have placed their trust in the Soulbound once again, and in turn, the Soulbound have asked for their greatest Animans to come forward and become their disciples.


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