Brendan Black --- Co-founder, Design Lead


Brendan Black takes the lead in day-to-day design and balance tasks for Paragon Studios, located in Beausejour, Manitoba. As a small boy, Brendan believed in the heart of the cards, and had his mind(and eventually wallet) stolen by Trading Card Games. He always tried imitating and creating his own games, which were poorly drawn and not the most legible.

Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and now residing in Beausejour, Manitoba, Brendan works as the Media Specialist for a national fireworks company. After earning a degree in Business and Admin from the University of Winnipeg while playing for their volleyball team, Brendan followed his true calling and obtained a Diploma in Graphic Arts from Red River College. Utilizing his skills gained through hobby and education, and leveraging a partnership with someone equally as entranced in the heart of the cards, Brendan now finds himself working as a team to create a card game that is incredible. You won't see Brendan too often on the frontline, as he is busy behind the scenes. You can always reach out to him by email:


Jordan Kurbis --- Co-founder, PR and Marketing Lead


Jordan Kurbis is a co-founder of Paragon Studios Manitoba, located in Beausejour, Manitoba. When he’s not out selling Insurance or connecting with people, Jordan enjoys sitting down to play games, be it virtual or physical. His passion for all things “strategic” is what drove him to constantly look for new and exciting games.


After meeting Brendan in 2017 he decided to change gears, instead of just searching he would work towards creating that something. Since that day Jordan and Brendan have founded Paragon Studios and are working tirelessly to release their first game Soulbound. You can contact Jordan on Twitter @ParagonMB or by email