The Road To 48 - Part 2: The Real Starting Line

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

From a video game IP themed fanboy idea to a tangible product available on Kickstarter during a 48 campaign. This is our story.

You Have A Great Game, What Now?

Great question. We don't know either. That is what we will be exploring through this blog. At this point, we will be assuming that you have done your homework. You have been active in the right Facebook groups, you have critiqued/followed/pledged Kickstarters, and you have reached out for help to those with more experience than you. This point is your new starting line.

As of Nov.26, 2019, the following has been decided upon by us for our Kickstarter Campaign:

- Tentative date: March 19, 2020

- Campaign Length: 48 hours

- 3 video reviews

This is keeping in mind that we are very low budget, and that Jordan will be a father Q2 2020. The best thing we can do is drive as much organic interest as possible to our game through genuine engagement. Money is tight, so we need to do what we can with what we have. That is why we decided on a 48 hour campaign.

You may be thinking: "Why 48 hours?". Good question. There are three key factors to our 48 hour campaign plan.

1) 90% of Kickstarter Pledges come from the first two days and the last two days. So why not have the first two days and the last two days be the only two days?

2) Pledge Managers exist. Through them, we can handle late pledges rather than missing out on the opportunity of gaining additional backers.

3) It is a super weird thing to do. This makes starting organic conversation very easy. People are opinionated. They will either hate it, love it, or watch it from the shadows. Sure, the risk of failure is much higher. If we do our marketing well though and have people ready and willing to back us at the point of launch, is the risk that much higher? Worst comes to worst, we regather and launch the game again in the few weeks after with the new momentum gained by doing something different. We don't have the money to stand out, so we have to stand out by doing something worth talking about.

So that leaves us to the most important part of the plan. Pre-marketing. What can we do to drive attention to us without breaking the bank? We will be following a marketing plan that we are calling: 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days. Seeing as March 19th is our tentative date, that would mean our plan would begin to take effect on Dec.19,2019. The plan is broken down as follows:

3 Months --> Goal: Drive Awareness

- Utilize assets we have such as art, table presence, general conversation, blog posts, and a 48 hour campaign to start the conversation in public eye about our game. Research shows that a person needs to be exposed to something 7 times before they truly begin to be able to recognize and recollect information about us. The main focus here isn't to gain email subscribers or to gain immediate sales. The goal is to have people know the name of the game when the next phase kicks in.

3 Weeks --> Goal: Drive Leads

- 3 weeks out from the Kickstarter launch is when the biggest push will be. There will be money spent on ads, reviewer content will become available, and there will be a giveaway contest. The goal here is to gain as many Facebook followers and email subscriptions as possible. We will need lots of engaging posts, maybe some videos, to really try and drive a little bit of hype. We need to convert awareness into potential backers.

3 Days --> Drive Sales

- The 3 days before the campaign start are crucial to ensuring that we have any interested persons ready to pledge ASAP and to make sure people are truly aware that they have a 48 hour window. Leads need to become pledges. This is where we will leverage our connections through Facebook Groups and email subscribers. We don't need many people to turn our dream into a reality, but everyone knows the faster you fund, the better.

That covers the theoretic nature of our marketing plan. Next week, we will be talking about what steps we are doing/taking to ensure we are ready for the launch of our marketing plan on Dec.19. Look out for The Road to 48 - Part 3: Content Creation

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